There would be no It was a horrible economic environment I got bad advice Things changed so quickly.

A secretary who joined eBay in might have made times more than her industry-veteran boss who joined in.

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White provides the example of associating Donald Trump with the King of Diamonds as diamonds signify wealth.

of Americas natural gas came from fracked shale.

Our hypothetical grad might also need some insight into the interpersonal dynamics and the reality of how such projects are executed at the organization.

First distraction remains a destroyer of depth.

We are losing money and will be losing money for quite some time.

When someone learns to drive a race car one of the first lessons taught is that when you are going around a curve at mph do not focus on the wall focus on the road.

Then Bill spoke again Its the fucking money.

STEP BE VISIBLE BE PRESENT After you make the speech telling your company that you will be letting many of them go you will not feel like hanging out and talking to people.

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This may sound like a crazy anomaly and it was but private funds had become completely cynical while the public markets were only percent of the way there.

Making it good at scale means admitting that it must be different and embracing the changes that youll need to make to keep things from falling apart.

We cannot afford to slowly bleed out.

Still I did not want to reverse split the stock.

To believe yourself invested with divine self-sufficiency is not the mark of a strong individual but of a person who has mistaken the crowds worshipor jeeringfor the truth.

Over the course of the next month eleven companies expressed interest.

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Heres his description of the period Ive insidiously started because of professional obligations to become busy every morning my in-box was full of e-mails asking me to do things I did not want to do or presenting me with problems that I now had to solve.

It had to be in Beijing the smog had gotten so bad that people couldnt see from building to buildingeven breathing was a health risk.

These days people sometimes refer to me as a management guru but when I managed Opsware most people referred to me as well less than that.

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By virtue of my position and the fact that we were a public company nobody besides me had the complete picture.

Very few people take unorthodox ideas seriously today and the mainstream sees that as a sign of progress.

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This should be obvious to any thinking person.

Actually its very hard to answer.

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I know this difficulty well.

Anybody who has ever run an enterprise sales force has heard this lie before.

During these years I shared a graduate student office down the hall from a MacArthur genius grant winnera professor who was hired at MIT before he was old enough to legally drink.


We preach competition internalize its necessity and enact its commandments and as a result we trap ourselves within iteven though the more we compete the less we gain.
If they measured productivity they might be horrified to find that all those investments in recruiting hiring and integration were going to waste.