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Dragonfly Classes

Dragonfly offers a class for everyone, from shaking it with Zumba to getting strong with Abs on Fire. Find out more about the classes offered and learn about the instructors.


This week's classes:

Halloween Zumbathon Fundraiser

Saturday, October 24
Zumba for a GREAT cause and ROCK your costume!
$10 entry benefits specialized care efforts for sexually trafficked and exploited children living in our rescue homes! Silent auction, costume contest, raffle, and MORE!

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Dragonfly offers a Wellness program for those looking to break out of their rut and get Fit!

Neva Coyle

Fast Fit Particpant

Love this Place! Changed my Life. Thanks to Emily and Josh. 
-Lost 11% body fat

Jessica Blossom

Zumba Patron

Zumba always puts a smile on my face and so does Emily. Highly encourage anyone to come and try it out! You would never guess a workout could be as much fun as you will have.