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Dragonfly offers a class for everyone, from shaking it with Zumba to getting strong with Abs on Fire. Find out more about the classes offered and learn about the instructors.


This week's classes:

Benefit for Josh Bafford

February 27th

In October, FastFits' trainer Josh was in a terrible car accident that severed his spinal cord and left him without the use of his legs. Josh has never been one to sit still. He started water-skiing and 4 wheeling at the age of 4. He also did whatever he could to help others. The neighbor kids knew that Josh was the one who would fix their broken bikes and skateboards. He carries the same energy and passion today through his work as a personal trainer, exercise therapist and nutrition expert.

This accident will not keep him from doing what he loves, being a trainer and taking care of his 2 year old son. Josh returned back to work less than 24 hours of returning home from his hospital stay of 2 months.

Click for more information on the Benefit for Josh as well as ways to help Josh and his family.

Neva Coyle

Fast Fit Particpant

Love this Place! Changed my Life. Thanks to Emily and Josh. 
-Lost 11% body fat

Jessica Blossom

Zumba Patron

Zumba always puts a smile on my face and so does Emily. Highly encourage anyone to come and try it out! You would never guess a workout could be as much fun as you will have.