What is everyone saying about Dragonfly  Dance and Wellness and their instructors?


My happy place! Absolutely amazing and knowledgeable whether you want to just tone and get some cardio in or seriously train. You get results! Great people great atmosphere! Ashley Barnett

Zumba and Hip Hop Fit with Emily is the best! Thanks for always being supportive and enthusiastic. The others that are there to work out are to be commended as well because they never make you feel bad if you can’t keep up or don’t know the moves.


“My adult life exercise experience has always consisted of doing something for a small amount of time for a day and then nothing again for a couple weeks. Fast Fit has helped me stay on track with all of my goals and achieve goals I never thought I could which then has made me reach for goals I never thought imaginable! The trainers push me while keeping my physical restrictions in mind from a neck surgery last January. They have made me feel comfortable from the first day!! I’m very shy and would have never gone to any sort of gym or fitness anything!! I’m so grateful for seeing a post Emily had on her FB page with a very tired but strong looking group of people that I wondered what she did to them!! I was so tired of quitting on myself and my Fast Fit trainers have never given up on me and made me see that I never should either! “ Sacia Davis

Great staff with a motivating environment! Excellent choice for anyone beginning their fitness journey or even experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for a new challenge! Jeremy Holcomb

My first class with Dragonfly was the Pole Fitness 6 week course. The class and Instructor, Kerri, are amazing! Kerri is supportive, encouraging and helps you push yourself. The atmosphere is fun, but it’s a serious workout. I recommend it to everyone! Teresa Kalina

On my second month of training with Fast Fit. I love this place and the people. Many workout times available to fit in a fast workout. Thirty minutes go by fast during these workouts! With the combined nutritional guidance, intense workouts, and inspiring people this is a great place to workout! Katy Stevens