What is everyone saying about Dragonfly  Dance and Wellness and their instructors?

Absolutely love this place! So much that I just sign up for the Fast Fit personal wellness program and knowledgeable staff and super people attending with you. Love this place!! -Jessica Myren

Such an awesome place. Great people and great trainers. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.- Sarah Felton
Josh and Emily are AWESOME!! In two weeks I’ve lost 7lbs and 5 3/4 inches. All I did was work out with Josh and Emily and follow Josh’s nutrition advice. 🙂 – Tanya Cramer

Awesome supportive environment!! I really wish I could’ve brought it with me to Onalaska. Josh and Emily helped me reach every goal I set for myself, way way faster than if I were to do it on my own. – Jen Govak

Love this Place! Changed my Life. Thanks to Emily and Josh. – Neva Coyle

I loved the workouts and support here.I want to come back so badly. I miss it. -Cori Marino

Fast Fit got me in the best shape of my life! The workouts are fast and effective, the nutritional guidance is amazing, and the support of the “Fast Fit Family” is the best.- Tammy Somerville

August 2014

Zumba always puts a smile on my face and so does Emily. Highly encourage anyone to come and try it out! You would never guess a workout could be as much fun as you will have! Jessica Blossom

March 2014

Great Atmosphere and personal. Love going there.- Alyssa Johnson

Amazing. Welcoming, friendly and helpful. I am so happy I did not join a traditional gym. Jeannie Westphal

February 2014

I was so relaxed the first time there. Very NOT intimidating and makes me want to come back for more. Eriel Northup

December 30, 2013
I can’t remember the last time I felt more at home. I like even if I slip up and have a bad day all my family is there to support me. -Crystal

December 30, 2013

I told Josh my goals. He told me he could get me there in 3 months. 3 months in and goal accomplished. Price? I saved money by giving up ice cream and junk food. I am thin and strong! Thanks Josh! – Lynn Nailberg

December 29,2013

I absolutely LOVE dragonfly dance and wellness! I had been working for over a year to get back in pre-baby shape and was stuck…ddw has so much to offer, I started with some classes mad joined the FF group…in 3 months I hit my pre-baby weight and am in BETTER shape now than ever in my life! I love when people meet me and are surprised to find out I have 4 kids! Josh is an AMAZING trainer who really cares! Between the atmosphere and caring people, fun classes, and awesome groups…it has become one of my favorite places to be! Check out the classes for a FUN workout!!! -Tammy Sommerville

December 29,2013
I’ve joined a lot of places. This is by far the best for me. Lost 8 inches of fat in one month. The instructors are crazy and weird!! no for real. Its a great place for anyone, shape, size, age and a down to earth atmosphere. Great intructors:) and your not going to find a better price for a personal trainer and everything u get from it.I need to be told what to do LOL!!! No monthly fees either. Also good support team when needed:) the end!!- Becky Carpenter

November 20,2013

I Love it! It’s changing my life!!! Thank you Josh and Emily!!!-Cori Marino

November 15, 2013
Thank you Josh..That is the result of having a talented and caring trainer and Owner of Dragonfly Emily Balow care about all of us and give us the family setting we need to be successful. We couldn’t do any of this without both of you and each other.-Crystal Wade Frei

November 4, 2013
Thank God for Josh! I am beyond grateful for his skill and patience in helping me get fit! I’ve been bragging him up and passing out his business cards. I feel like a new person. Eating healthy and never hungry! I could go on and on! Thanks Josh!-Lynn Wasieleski Naiberg

November 1st, 2013
I started doing Josh’s serious circuit on Sat mornings. WOW! He is really great and pushes you to your limit. However he adjusts to your level. I have many issues and the worst is my back. Josh never let’s me give up just gives me an alternative. That is a compassionate trainer. He wants you to reach your potential. WAY better then an hour of body pump, insanity and spin. Eau Claire is fortunate to have him. -Karen

I was given advice to go to Emilys Zumba class at golds because I lOVE to dance. I met Emily in Jan at one of her classes. I knew instantly she was a wonderful person. After class I knew she was a great Zumba instructor and I would be back. Since I LOVE to dance I’m all over the dance floor even adding my own moves at times. I love to clap, sing and holler. I get into Zumba a 100%. This never bothered Emily; instead she embraced it. She would even humor me when I would try to beat her at something. Wed was my day to smile and not think of anything but dancing. I heard Emily was no longer at Golds and had to hunt her down:) I did and I am so happy at her new place. I brag about her all the time because I believe in her and what she is doing. Their loss is my gain. Others will gain too and save on a membership. Thanks Em for allowing me to take part in your adventure. See you at Zumba!!!!

Karen Edinger

October 28th, 2013
Testimony here that Emily’s Zumba classes are FUN and get you sweating! Burn calories like crazy but you have so much fun while doing it you wouldn’t know! Love that she incorporates some strength training songs too if the class is up for the challenge!

Tammy Somerville

August 30th, 2013
Dana(Hot Yoga) is a lovely and special person. Spending time with her is a joy.
Wayne Robinson

August 30th, 2013
I love Dragonfly Dance & Wellness, It is a no pressure place to go and get healthy. You don’t just loose weight you make a life changing decision to get healthy not get skinny. Emily has so much compassion and caring about how you feel and your goals. If you need some motivation without the pressure than this is the place for you! Josh is the trainer and WOW. You don’t need a lot of big fancy equipment to get healthy and in shape. He really goes with what your goals are and pushes you to never give up without making you feel bad. They focus on nutrition and inches not just pounds on a scale. I love the no nonsense, non pressure, caring, safe, CLEAN, Friendly, Family, environment at Dragonfly. I hope is every checks it out you won’t be sorry!
Crystal Wade Frei

August 30th, 2013
I had my first work-out with Josh on Thursday and I feel real positive about everything I will learn and do. I have confidence in Josh that he will be able to help me to be fit, active again and foremost; healthy. Come to dragonfly and experience it for yourself. Also, a shot out to Emily Balow who I have known for a long time and never expected for her to be such an inspiration to me and what life changes she has made in me already. Through all the soreness and aches….its going to be all worth it in the end….OR just the beginning as I a say.
Christina El Meddah

August 29th, 2013
An hour of Zumba with the best teacher ever – Emily Balow at Dragonfly dance followed by a half hour of kick boxing equals SORE tomorrow:)
Brittania Erickson-Cubas

August 28, 2013

Such a great Ab workout and Cardio workout (Josh) last night in just 30 minutes! Can’t wait to come again.
Amber Strandt Liddell

August 22, 2013
How SWEET that I attended one of your classes a few months ago at Zumba and was relieved to find an awesome instructor(Emily)… then happen to come across YOUR business on Facebook (Dragonfly). I used to do Zumba every week when one of my best friends taught and ever since she stopped teaching, I have missed it so much!!!
Missy Rowe

July 1, 2013

The instructor(Emily) here is a hoot. I will for sure go again.

Samantha Merten