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Reggie Davis is a former football star player, who graduated with a Communications Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

In May of 2016, Reggie created Rhythmic Agility while training with a standard agility ladder and listening to his favorite music. He found that he was able to combine the rhythmic beats of the songs with various fitness moves. In July of 2017 Reggie was able to complete his vision of Rhythmic Agility by removing the agility ladder from the workouts to provide an easier flow for people to move and get an even better exercise. After creating Rhythmic Agility, Davis said “All I wanted to do was bring the fun back to fitness in a totally new and more engaging way.”

Reggie currently owes a fitness facility called “The EXO” which is the official home of “Rhythmic Agility” and his own social media network called the “Workout Wisconsin Network” in his home state.

He is also the CEO of Revolutionary Transformations, which owns the production company “Transfigure Communications”, the social media shows of “Dating in the 21st,” “Take Me Out,” and “Workout America” along with an athletic training program called “Regg D Athletics”. Reggie has experience in radio as an on-air personality and has been featured in many television interviews.