Josh- Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Josh- Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist
Abs on Fire $8 : Monday 6:10pm and Fridays 5:30pm
Serious Circuits $8:  Saturday 9am (downstairs)
Personal Training – Group Personal Training- Nutrition
Josh began  interest into fitness the same way that most people do, he realized that a heavy work schedule and bad eating habits had started to catch up with his body. He decided to make time for fitness and was soon back in shape and participating in weight lifting competitions and endurance events. Josh’s journey back into an active lifestyle had a huge effect on friends and family and he started helping others get fit as well.  Josh earned his first degree in personal training in 2007, and followed that up with a specialist in fitness nutrition certification and an exercise therapy degree as well. He faces every day with his clients with the same amount of passion and dedication that he did when he started 6 years ago, and he is one of the few people in this world that can say they truly love what they do for a living. Josh’s training principles are based on sound body mechanics, and his training style is somewhat Cross-Fit influenced, although he adds his own flavor to make it new and friendly to newbies and veterans alike. His specialties are weight loss and body toning, nutritional coaching and meal planing/supplementation, and Powerlifting/Lean weight gain. Whether you have 50 pounds to lose, want to lean and tone your body, or just want to take your fitness to the next level,  Josh can get you the results you are reaching for! Stop in or give us a call and we will see you at the next session.
Josh also offers the Fast Fit wellness program through Dragonfly Dance and Wellness. Please check it out here:

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May 15, 2016

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