My name is Merissa Moquin, wife & mother of 2 wonderful girls (12 & 3). I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and a 3-time bodybuilding competitor. 10 years ago I decided to start working out in a tiny gym doing just cardio. Unexpectedly, I began to notice an improvement in my mental health and wondered if there was a correlation to the exercise. I experimented a little and tried to see if I could push this newfound happiness a bit further. I joined Emily’s Zumba classes and then her Fastfit program at Dragonfly. Amazingly, this change made me feel physically and mentally better than I had ever felt as an adult. I then began experimenting with weightlifting (struggling with 10lb dumbbells at first) and then bodybuilding, and eventually pushed myself way out of my comfort zone to begin training for, and eventually entered into a figure competition. Using what I’ve learned to help others discover the power of combining consistent exercise with proper nutrition to drastically increase their happiness is a natural fit for me. Come discover how good being active can make you feel and how much more enjoyable food can be when it is chosen and prepared correctly. I am very excited to share in the joy of your progress with you and help you discover how much the camaraderie with others can propel you forward and keep you motivated to look and feel amazing again!