Katy Higley decided to join a gym when she quit smoking and needed a distraction. Dragonfly quickly became much more than that for her. Despite losing 100lbs, Katy doesn’t believe gyms or workouts should be focused on losing weight, but on building strength both mentally and physically. What she found when she joined Dragonfly was just that: a community focused on empowering each other to push past their limitations to embrace the strong, bold, badass within. A place that embodies those beliefs through mutual support, accountability, inclusion of all, and a healthy dose of humor (i.e. sarcasm & cuss words.)

Katy has been training small group fitness classes for the last year. Her vision for D2 Performance & Training includes all of the above along with the desire to inspire others to be bold and unrelenting in their prioritization of health, wellness, and strength. If you’re looking for a community to inspire you and support you in your quest to BE YOUR BEST every day, even when you fight her on it, Katy’s the trainer for you.

Outside the gym Katy is continuing to pursuing a certification from ISSA for Personal Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition. She loves dogs, long walks/hikes, being outside, camping, and her family and friends.