Pilates Ballet Infusion, Hip Hop Body Infusion, “Waning Gibbous” Meditation – $10 Class

Jess is a born and raised Eau Claire native who is double majoring in Dance and Holistic Philosophy of the Human Mind, Body and Soul at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Home for the summer, Jess has joined our Dragonfly team to teach her incredible and inspiring holistic approach to dance weekday mornings and nights!

Check out her awesome, innovative classes that will harmonize your Mind, Body and Soul on a level you may have never known existed from within. With fun dance styles such as: hip-hop, a pilates and ballet infusion, and dance as meditation, Jess not only gives her class members a kick ass workout, but most importantly, she helps each of them to find ways to tap into their inner-most suppressed feelings and release them through movement and expression. There is no doubt that Jess’s therapeutic teaching measures will have you leaving each class with a newfound positive energy and growing sense of self-love from within!