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Dragonfly offers a Wellness program for those looking to break out of their rut and get Fit!

Starting FastFit

Call to set up a FREE  fitness consultation.  Let us help you determine your goals and assist you in meeting them in a healthy manner.  No meal replacement shakes! No pills! No 12 week or 31 day plan!  We will compute your body composition and discuss your current eating and and exercise/recreational habits. Once we determine what your goals are we design a simple nutritional plan (with real food) and have you fill out daily food logs to let us see exactly where you need to make changes and better nutritional decisions. We then pair you with others in a fun and laid-back environment where we teach you to exercise properly and efficiently to maximize your results. As your ability and body adapt to the training you receive your body takes care of the rest by shedding those unwanted pounds and revealing a toned, fit body underneath! Individual training sessions are available as well for those who would rather exercise in a more private setting, but being with others who are working towards similar goals can be very motivating. You owe yourself the opportunity to live a healthy and fit life, and we will get you there in no time!

What does Fast Fit include?

Here is what our package includes:

*Monthly one on one sessions to weigh in, measure body fat levels, and see how you’re progressing

*One on ones to discuss Food logs and make any necessary adjustments to your diet

*3 half hour training sessions per week

*Access to our professional and certified staff for any and all of your fitness needs, questions… We are here to help!

*Huge support system

*And most important, YOUR HEALTH!!! Proper diet and regular exercise has a huge effect on your metabolism, energy levels, and overall sense of well being. Get started today!

Fast Fit Family

It’s not exaggeration to say that Fast Fit is a family.  So if you have ever felt like you haven’t fit in at a gym, it is probably because you belong with us.  We are fun, weird, ridiculous, uninhibited and, most importantly, open to everyone.  Upon joining Fast Fit, you will be invited to join the Fast Fit Family Facebook group where you can share your successes, commiserate about your sore muscles, and get to know everyone.  It also includes food inspiration, hotel workouts and more to help you both at the gym, at home, and when you are away.


Call Emily 715-379-9226 or visit MINDBODY to view pricing and packages.


$135/month for 3 sessions a week,
$109/month for 2 sessions a week,
$159/month for unlimited training, or
No Contracts

Memberships Valid at both Eau Claire and Menomonie Locations

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